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A garage is the best protection you can have for a vehicle. It also adds a polished look to the outside of the property you live in. A garage extends the exterior beauty of your vehicle and protects it from bad weather as well as helps to prevent car theft. When the garage door isn’t operating properly or it’s broken, the only way to restore its usefulness is to have it repaired. Our garage door repair service, Franco Garage Doors, can provide you with fast, efficient overhead door repair or swing open door repair.

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We’re the best garage door supplier in the Santa Rosa CA area. As a locally owned and operated business, we have provided garage door installation and repairs for 11 years. Sometimes the only problem you have may only concern the garage door openers, sometimes you may need repair work on the motor of the opening system and sometimes you may require a new garage door. Garage Door Supplier in Santa Rosa CAWe are open 7 days a week and you can contact us so we can come out and determine what your garage door issue really is. We do free home visits to estimate the work you need done.

The name brand garage door openers we carry and the material selections we offer can be viewed at either our store location in Santa Rosa CA. Our skilled technicians are experienced in all forms of garage door installation from a single door to multi door frames. As a garage door supplier, we maintain a full stock of doors, openers, and associated hardware required for most overhead door repair and standard garage door repair. We also have a variety of remote door openers from a touch pad control attached to the garage frame, a remote control that can be kept in your vehicle, or a key chain remote control. The remote controls have the advantage of letting you remain in the car when it is dark outside and during bad weather. The garage door motor, mounted inside the garage, can be attached to a light switch which will automatically turn on when the garage door is opened or closed. The light will be on a timer so you can drive away knowing the light will go off in a few minutes.

As your neighbors, as well as your local garage door supplier, your satisfaction with your installation or repair work is very important to us. Garage Door Repair in Santa Rosa CAWhen you find yourself with a malfunctioning garage door, we always try to repair an existing door before having you replace it. We will give you a written estimate of any garage door repair work before we start any repair work. Our prices are the best in the Santa Rosa CA area.

A new garage door installation can made by us with materials to coordinate with your home’s exterior. All overhead door repair work that is done on the system’s motor can be reprogrammed for all garage door openers. Call us today at (707) 838-3833 and a Franco Garage Doors garage door specialist can have your door repair evaluation completed by tomorrow. Our trucks are supplied with parts for the majority of repair work needed, so we can have your garage fixed with one visit only.

I absolutely cannot stop being amazed by the great job that Alex did today, on our garage door. Had originally called another place, and they never got back to us with a quote. Franco's sent Alex, and he was very upfront, and honest about what he would do. He reinforced the place where the door had gotten messed up, and did not have to replace the whole panel, which the previous place said needed to happen, and which would've cost several hundred dollars more. Alex has made the door a lot stronger. I will recommend them to anyone who needs repairs. Thank you Alex! 🙂

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