Door Problems That Might Cost You

Hire a Door Repair Specialist to Fix the Following Issue

Doors are an essential part of any structure, there to keep it secure and keeping unwanted intruders out. A faulty door can definitely spell trouble for the rest of your property, as it can be easily compromised. A damaged door you have definitely need to be treated by a door repair specialist, so make sure you call in a reliable expert if you’re having your fair share of door problems. Here are three crucial issues you need to have rectified immediately:

Creaking Door

If your door makes a creaking sound when you open or close it, then there’s something wrong with the door hinge. When it makes such a noise, it means that it needs some lubrication. If such problem still persists, however, you may need to have adjustments made. A door repair expert should be able to handle that for you.

Door Not Latching

Your door should be secure and stay closed every time you want it to. When the door fails to latch and stay in place, it’s not functional. Don’t neglect such an issue, as it’s a massive security risk. The latch on the door needs to be aligned perfectly with the one of the frame, or else it won’t reach the strike plate. A professional will be able to reapply the door jamb and adjust it to latch.

Drafty Door

A door with a draft is usually caused by some form of weather damage or dilapidation. If you’ve got a door with a particularly sensitive material, the bottom might have begun to rot, letting air and moisture in. Be sure to have such area repaired, or have it fully replaced for your benefit.

Make sure to have that busted door fixed as soon as possible by an expert door repair specialist. If you’re looking for one to trust in Santa Rosa, CA, we at Franco's Garage Doors are the company you can trust for that. Call us today at (707) 838-3833 for any inquiries.

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