Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement Tips

How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Remote  

If you cannot find your garage door opener remote, or it no longer works, you will need a garage door opener remote replacement that is designed to work with your current system. Even though a universal garage-door opener remote will often work, it is not always compatible with every opener manufactured.

Determining which replacement to buy

If the company that made your garage door opener is still operational, they may be able to supply you with a remote that is compatible with your current setup. Contact their customer service department, as it may save you the hassle of finding a remote that is compatible with an older garage door opener.

Checking the remote for information.

When possible, check your old remote for a model number and brand name. In many cases, this information is found inside the battery housing or on the back of the battery cover.

Writing down the make and model information.

Check your garage door opener’s motor housing, this is the large box which is often hung on the ceiling where the garage door sits when open for a label showing the manufacturer and model number. Some may list a manufacturing date also, so make sure you take note of any pertinent information you find.

Contacting the manufacturer or your local retailer.

Call the manufacturer’s customer service to order a new remote, or to ask which type of replacement remote works best with your opener model. If you bought the opener from a local garage door company, they will most likely know which remotes will work best with your opener, and if you are very lucky, will be able to sell you a new remote.

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