Hiring a Garage Door Opener Replacement Service to Fix Your Garage Door Sensors

Easy Steps on How to Align Garage Door Sensors

Do you need help with your garage door? Your garage door may be having problems if it stops operating as well as it once did. The sensors, which are situated on either side of the door, are crucial to the operation of your garage door. The emitter, which sends the signal, and the receiver, which receives it from opening or closing the door, cooperate to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, if sensors are out of alignment, they may begin to malfunction. You’re lucky because this post will cover how to align garage door sensors. If you need to become an expert in that area, ask for assistance from a garage door opener replacement service. The garage door sensors must align for them to work correctly, and this is how you can do that:

Disconnect the Power Supply

Wear electricity-resistant gloves for this stage because dealing with wires is required to keep yourself safe. Put on your gloves, then turn off the switch on the garage door sensors to cut off the power. Additionally, you can trip the fuse for the garage door using the breaker box in your house.

Loosen the Screws Holding the Sensors

The hard job now starts. The mounting brackets’ screws that hold the sensors in place must be loosened. Then, rotate it in an opposite direction until they are wide enough to be loose. Remember that you’ll need to slide the mounting brackets up and down later, so removing them completely is not a good idea.

Slide the Sensor Downward

Once the screws are loosened, you’ll find it simpler to slide the mounting bracket up and down. So, to slide it down, use your bare hands. Ensure the sensor is always inside the mounting bracket as you slide it down as far as you need to. If you use a wrench, it might leave marks on the sensor and affect how it works.

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