Is Your Car Literally Stuck in the Garage?

Door Repair Tips on Why Your Garage Door Does Not Open



Your garage doors photo-eye is blocked


Most garage doors come with a photo eye this is what detects when a person or object is blocking the door from closing all the way. This is about 4-6 inches off of the floor on most doors, and the eye is the size of a pea. It has a laser which goes across the length of the garage that, when interrupted will cut the signal off to lower and raise the door, so before you start any garage

door repair

check this first.



Also, check to see if the cord which is attached to the eye has been cut or damaged; on occasion, a rainstorm or leak will damage the photo eye. Dirt and dust will also clog the eye and stop the laser from working, so a thorough cleaning will often resolve this issue.



Your garage door power source has been disrupted


Sometimes, homeowners just unplug their power source without realizing their garage door opener won’t work. As ridiculous as this sound, it has been known to happen. So first make sure your garage door opener is actually plugged into an outlet that works. Outlets will often fail for no rhyme or reason, so you need to check if your outlet is working by plugging in something else.



Your garage door torsion springs are damaged or broken


Bang, boom and snap, this is the sound your garage door torsion spring makes when it breaks. It can sound very similar to a shotgun. Springs are rated for a specific amount of cycles and are usually one of the first things which will break in a garage door assembly. Broken springs are one of the biggest issues a garage

door repair

technician will receive. So if yours is broken, NEVER try to open the door, as this is extremely dangerous. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, please contact Franco's Garage Doors in Santa Rosa, CA now at (707) 838-3833.