Not Sure If You Should Get an Overhead Garage Door?

What Are the Most Common Overhead Door Repair Issues?



The springs are considered the workhorse of every garage door. Over time, metal fatigue will eventually cause them to break. And a broken spring the door is extremely difficult if not impossible to raise. For broken springs you must need to replace them, never try to attempt any

overhead door repair

yourself. The quality of the springs do vary and the difficulty level does differ depending on the spring you have. You should never tackle this repair yourself.



Adjusting your garage door


When your garage door has been knocked out of alignment, some solutions are quite inexpensive. So before you pick up the phone to call a repairman, find out if an adjustment is all that is needed.



Repairing garage rollers


Your garage door rollers are what allows your door to move up and down on its track. They can often break or seize up. First, try to lubricate them or replace them should it be deemed necessary. Replacing them is not as hard as it seems, and the rollers are less than $5 to buy. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to do this.



Repairing door hinges


The garage door hinges allow the door panels to move independently from one another. On each side of the door, they come with a sleeve which houses the rollers in them. Hinges, however, have been known to either rust, break or seize up. This is another inexpensive and easy repair.



Garage door opener issues


With garage door openers, you do not need to do any heavy lifting whatsoever, simply push a button. However, this does not mean your garage door will not still need springs

because it will. If you need an

overhead door repair

service, please call Franco's Garage Doors in Santa Rosa, CA now at (707) 838-3833.

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