Thinking of Repairing Your Garage Door Yourself?

Things to Know about a Garage Door Repair

Most garage door repair

jobs must be undertaken by a professional. Nonetheless, there are a few repairs that can be done by a moderately handy DIY enthusiast. There are 2 main parts on garage doors that could require repair, the garage door itself and the opener. Both items can be quite simple to repair given enough time, effort and patience. If you are thinking about doing your own repairs, make sure to adhere to all the safety precautions and begin work when there is sufficient daylight available.

To identify where the problem is, do a few basic tests first. Should the door open manually it is difficult to move or is emitting a grinding sound, the problem is normally the garage door itself. If the door is operating okay, the door opener is not operating correctly. Take the time to observe the problem and try to figure out exactly what the problem is.

An overhead garage door uses a spring tension. The door rolls on metal tracks which are attached to the walls. A heavy spring give the doors the power to open via tension.

The first step will be to check the metal tracks. Tightening the mounting brackets which secure the track could be the problems, as these become lose after a certain period of time. Close the door and look at the tracks to see if you can see any dents, breaks, or other issues. If you find any, take off that section of track and flatten the section back out using a hammer.

With the help of a carpenter’s level, confirm the metal tracks are correctly aligned. The horizontal tracks need to have a downward slant, and the vertical one have to be totally straight. Check the alignment of both tracks to ensure they are right and are parallel to one another. Should there be any issues, never remove the bolts or screws, just loosen them to make any necessary adjustments.

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